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One Owl Square | Odem, Texas 78370 | 361.368.8121
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Maintenance/Grounds, Transportation, and Custodial Departments - Armando Huerta, Director


Maintenance Supervisor

Arnold Maldonado

Maintenance & Grounds Staff                          

James Bryson

Guadalupe Doria

Robert Gonzalez

Joe Martinez

Fred Moreno                                                    


Francisca Q. Villegas - Secretary


361-368-8121, ext. 266


Transportation Supervisor           

Roel Arguelles

Transportation Staff 

Louis Arrisola

Liza Garcia

Nora Garcia

Rafael Laurel



Francisca Q. Villegas - Secretary                   


 361-368-8121, ext. 266






Custodial Supervisor           

Yvette Maldonado

Custodial Staff

Sandra Cuevas

Gloria Garcia

Raul Gomez

Janie Medellin

Rita Parraz

Ramiro Sanchez

Antonia Soto








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Maintenance & Grounds Department News Letter

The new sidwalk leading from the Intermediate Campus to the Cafetorium has been complete. There is also a new driveway for the Elementary Cafeteria so that the food truck can be able to off-load and load the meals for the elementary students. 

Please continue to observe the district’s cross walks by stopping in these areas. Slow and Safe driving around Owl Square ensures the safety of all our students/faculty and staff.



 Transportation Department News Letter

The Transportation Department has had to work around the repairs that are in progress in the community's  streets/roads.  It has also had a few delays in their daily routes due to the rail road arms blocking the traffic quite often these past few weeks.  We appreciate your patience.

Parents and Guardians, please remind your child that when they are riding the bus that they need to practice safety procedures.

¨ Stay in your seat

¨ Follow the bus driver’s directions.

Also, for the safety of our students, please observe this very important traffic rule: When a school bus has the stop sign out and the red lights are flashing, on a two-lane, undivided roads, drivers are required to stop in both directions.



 Custodial Department News Letter

The OEISD Custodial Staff has been working hard on keeping all areas clean and sanitized to prevent germs from spreading and causing illnesses. 

With drastic changes in our winter weather, from hot to cold and cold to hot, it is no surprise that students and district staff are getting sick with colds, sore throats and all that comes with it. It’s during this season, that keeping our four campuses highly cleaned and sanitized is our number one GOAL as a TEAM.









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